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Product: Universal Positioner-Space Program

The Jerry-Rig work positioner was used in the development of a prototype reconfigurable hard upper torso frame, which allows bearings to be positioned to simulate the upper torso geometry of a space suit.

Photo #1 is the entire space suit (Mark III), Photo #2 is how our B4 Work Holder was used in the testing process.

Thanks, Kathy R.

Product: Specialized Stereotactic Head Holder & Stainless Steel Head Holder

Dear Jerry and Tom,
I want to say thank you for your excellent work, I have found the final products, two specialized head holders to be the best I have used. Jerry-Rig USA has been able to provide top-notch products for the unusual needs I require. Two months after our first meeting you produced a prototype for me to test. Not only had you produced the new unit you also had repaired the older units. The new units not only work better, but should last longer than the originals. After some testing… we ordered 3 new units. They have been working nearly flawless since arriving in the lab.I was so pleased with the working relationship and the final products that about a year later I came back again with a new project, a specialized stereotactic head holder.

One of the reasons that I have strongly recommended Jerry-Rig to my colleagues is not only is the product excellent, but working with you both has been a delight. You have always listened to my requirements and when there were questions or concerns we worked out the bugs and these were always done in a very amenable fashion. You take great pride and providing the product I was looking for. As I continue my research and when the need arises Jerry-Rig will be my first call. I have been conducting neuroscience research for over 30 years and over this time there has been a regular need for a precision machine shop. You have replaced my previous shop as the go-to-guys. As I already have, I will continue to recommend your work to my colleagues as I am sure they will be as satisfied as I have been.

Thanks, Dr. Richard Saunders, Senior Staff Scientist

Product: Low Profile Head Holder

“We received a Low Profile Head Holder from Jerry-Rig USA. It was custom designed to meet our surgical table specifications. It fits well. Tom had excellently assisted in our order. Thank you very much for everything.”

Yasuko– System Neuroscience Group Japan

Product: Wood Working & Hobbies

Dear Jerry,
I did not have the option of a carving bench, so I improvised a stool with the Jerry Rig and it works great! I got the idea of the plywood base from Chris Pye.

There was no aspect that I was not able to access. Great vise!

Thanks, George B.

Product: Wildlife Art in Watercolor & Wood Carvings, Ducks, Game Birds, & Fish

Dear Jerry and Tom,
As I told you over the phone, Jerry, I really like the “Jerry-Rig.” And I do not promote any product to my students at my seminars unless I like them myself. I told you over the phone about John Burkes” carving mount and the modifications I had to make to it. But your tool with the small holders are just great for bird and fish carvings. It lets me use both hands on my power tool for better control when roughing out my pieces. It works just as well when doing detailed finish work on my pieces.

Thank you for designing the “Jerry-Rig” for the carvers. I will do my best to show my students how well it works and what a benefit it is to carvers of all types. Jerry, I don’t do relief carving, but I do do a little for fun, and I found a way to mount a flat board for carving on your tool. I will have to take a picture and send it to you.

Sincerely, Bill K.

Product: B4 Ball Vise

Dear Jerry,
It’s fantastic. Couldn’t be more satisfied. It avoids all the problems I had with my previous holder. It allows me to postion my carving basically any way I want. It has actually increased my carving speed since I don’t have to struggle with awkward positions and it has increased my carving quality for the same reason.

Thanks, John S.

Product: B4 Ball Vise & Positioner

Dear Jerry-Rig,
As a professional sculptor, I highly recommend the Jerry-rig positioner. It’s versatility  when placed on my carving table creates a great combination allowing great access to your work from all directions. Using the many different attachments it can be used to carve a relief or a large figure or small projects using the appropriate attachments.

Thanks, Professional Sculptor, Michael Shacham