Welcome to Jerry-Rig USA!

How you hold and position your subject is the key to the success of your project. Jerry-Rig USA has a full line of tools and instruments that provide flexible holding, locking, and rotational capability for small to large projects. We specialize in custom made laboratory projects

Our products are designed to provide secure and adaptable methods to hold and position your subject or work project. We also build custom made instruments and tools for unique applications or build instruments and tools no longer available in the general marketplace.

Our first Jerry-Rig USA product was the JR-100 Universal Work Positioner, built in 2003. It became an instant success. It was produced by Fancort Industries of West Caldwell N.J. Over time, additional high quality products were designed and developed. In 2005, Jerry-Rig USA LLC was formed to further develop other fine tools and instruments.

Below are some of the companies and organizations for which we have provided quality products:
• National Institute of Health
• Northrop Grumman
• Chinese Academy of Sciences,
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
• Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
• Nathan Kline Institute
• University of California- Berkeley
• Institut de Neurosciences – France
• Inserim – France
• Japan Institute of Radiological Science

At Jerry-Rig USA, we take pride in the quality we put into every product we produce. It is no wonder that our name the most desired by professionals and craftsmen in numerous professions and industries in the USA and Internationally.

All Jerry-Rig work positioners are designed, built and assembled in the USA. We are a USA veteran owned business.