Medical Laboratory Instruments: Jerry-Rig USA develops and designs laboratory quality animal holding and other precision instruments. We build both stainless steel and plated instruments, as well as MRI stereotaxic (stereotactic) surgery instruments. We design and build the absolutely highest quality instruments. Our ball technology instruments rotate 360 degrees to permit ease of operation as well as secure locking ability. Our MRI instruments are built to the highest standards.
Custom built instruments can be built to your specifications, for larger or smaller animals.

MRI Compatible Stereotaxic Instrument (JR-MRICS)
Designed to successfully stabilize a monkey or other animal for stereotaxic surgery. This instrument will not generate electromagnetic interference. The instrument locates the animal firmly and accurately by means of tapered ear and orbital bars, plus an adjustable palate bar.


  • 30.48 cm (12 inches) – Length
  • 22.225 cm (8.75 inches) – Width
  • 17.780 cm (7 inches) – Height
  • 10 pounds – Weight


  • Acrylic, Peek, Brass, Aluminum

Stainless Steel Holding Instrument (JR-SSHC)
A non-MRI compatible research instrument designed to provide maximum holding capability of the animal, with a locking mechanism, and still permit directed movement via rotational ball technology when required.


  • 8.90 cm (3.5 inches) – Length
  • 5.715 cm (2.25 inches) – Diameter
  • 20.320 cm (8 inches) – Height
  • 7 pounds – Weight
    (including Stainless Steel Table Clamp)

Material: (Choice of two types of Steel)

  • Plated Steel
  • Stainless Steel (for corrosive work areas)
  • 20.320 cm (8 inches) – Height


Stainless Steel Surgical Spoons (JR-SSSS)
A set of surgical tools designed for use in animal neuro-surgery. This custom surgical spoon set contains 5 different sized tools for various applications. A grooved tool is included among the 5 different types provided. The edges are extremely smooth and flexible for ease of use. The entire set is custom made from laboratory grade stainless steel.

  • Sold as a set: 5 different size & type spoons –
    (10) of each type – Total (50)
  • Flexible laboratory grade stainless steel
  • Edges rounded and very smooth
  • Sizes:  5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm
    (Size indicated by number on instrument)
  • “Grooved” Spoon also included in set
  • Length of instruments: 15.875 cm (6.25 inches)