Welcome to Jerry-Rig USA!

How you hold and position your work is a key to the success of your project. Jerry-Rig, has a full line of work positioners (work holders) that provide flexible holding, locking and rotational capability for small to large work items. Our work holders can be used with a standard work positioning plate or you can choose from a variety of fixtures or holding vices. Most of our ergonomic work positioners can be secured to a workbench with carriage bolts (provided) or made portable with an optional plated steel table clamp.

Our products are designed to provide different and adaptable methods to hold and position CB-Home3your work. We also build custom tools and work positioners for unique applications in the workplace. Our quality tools can securely hold everything including small and larger size electronic components, medical and industry applications, heavier metal, wood and other larger work items. The robust construction of our work holders permit objects to remain locked in position even during severe shocks incurred while using power tools or a hand mallet.

The first Jerry-Rig product was the JR-100 Universal Work Positioner, built in 2003. It became an instant success. It soon became apparent that this work positioner was by far the finest tool ever designed to position and hold work for craftsmen, engineers, industry technicians, and hobbyists. The tool was produced by Fancort Industries of West Caldwell, New Jersey and was named Jerry-Rig. Over time, additional high quality products were designed and developed. In 2005, the company of Jerry-Rig USA, LLC was formed to further develop the work positioners and other fine tools.

The Jerry-Rig JR-B4 Work Positioner, and other NEW models maintain the same essential functions as the original JR-100, and are designed for projects requiring an even greater degree of flexible movement. The JR-B4 weighs approximately ten pounds and has all steel construction with a fine plated finish. A custom built model B8 is available for very large projects.

After you understand the quality put into every Jerry-Rig product, you will agree that it is no wonder that Jerry-Rig is the name most desired by professionals and serious craftsmen in the USA and internationally.

All Jerry-Rig work positioners are designed, built and assembled in the USA. We are a USA veteran owned business.