There are many additional Jerry-Rig Accessories to choose from for all your positioning needs.

Steel & Plated Table Clamp (JR-TCS)
Compatible with B4 Ball Positioner and JR-100 Universal Work Positioner

  • Optional Table clamp makes B4 and JR-100 portable
  • All steel and plated
  • Clamp opens to 2 inches at bench and locks firmly with handle
  • Weight: 3 pounds
Small (JR-CSM) – Large (JR-SCL)
Our Tapered Carving Screws are the better alternative to the conventional carving screw. The tapered part of the screw is turned into a pre-drilled hole in the base or back of the carving and tightened by using the hole in the “T” handle. When the screw has penetrated the wood deep enough for secure holding, the rest of the screw is passed through a hole in a bench or a slot on the carving arm. The “T” handle, which is also the nut, is then threaded onto the screw until the work is pulled tight against the bench. Considerable pressure can be put on the screw by tightening the “T” nut. If the carving needs to be rotated, loosen the wing nut and position the carving, then tighten again. No need to drill a deeper hole like conventional carving screws.

  • Holds more tightly than a straight screw
  • Two sizes, 6-3/4″ for small to medium carvings, and 9″ for larger carvings
  • High quality construction with cadmium plating on the screw
  • Rugged “T” handle wrench, for driving in the screw, is black powder coated for protection
  • Plastic tips on the “T” handle wrench for safety and easy gripping
  • Compatible with most carving arms
Magnetic Table Base (JR-MTB)

  • Perfect for a metal work table
    (no screws/bolts required)
  • Amazing grip hold to metal table
  • Holes for screws/bolts permit use on standard wood workbench
Hardware Kit (JR-HW)
Used to secure work to Standard Positioner Plate.

The Hardware Kit consists of:

  • (2) steel knobs 1/2-13 and 3/8-16
  • Hanger bolts 1/2-13 and 3/8-16
  • (2) steel washers 3/8 x 1
  • (2) nylon spacers 3/8 x 1/2
  • (4) #14 wood screws and an Allen Wrench
Peg Vise (JR-V1)

  • Fits into either the B4 or JR-100 Work Positioners
  • Designed to hold objects that are curved or straight via pegs and holes
  • 30 tapped holes and 6 pegs that can be positioned as needed
  • Opening ranges from 1/8 inch to 9-¼ inches
  • Pegs are 9/16 high and have a rubber sleeve for protection
2 Jaw Vise (JR-V2)

  • Fits into either the B4 or JR-100 Work Positioners
  • Jaws have reversible neoprene pads
  • Opening ranges from 3 inches to 9  inches
Pointing System (JR-PTG)
The Pointing System is designed to accurately transfer points from a Model or Maquette to a Carving Blank. Why work from a model? Creating a 3-D carving requires the establishment of many points, not necessarily lying on defined two-dimensional planes. Using the Point System allows the carver to “reach in” to points that cannot be measured using 2-D drawings or photographs.

  • Accurately transfers points from a model to a carving block
  • Create a 3-D carving
  • “Reach In” to points that cannot be measured using 2-D photographs.
Positioner Plates (Std, Med, Two-Piece)

Standard (JR-P1)
Comes standard with B4 & JR-100.

  • Plate with collar and washer: 4 X 3-5/8

Medium (JR-PM)
For larger fish, ducks and other irregular shapes.

  • Measures: 3-5/8 X 1-1/4 X 5/8

Two-Piece (JR-PS2)
For small and irregular shaped objects.

  • Measures: 5/16 X 1-1/2
  • Measures: 5/16 X 3/4 X 2-1/4
Wood Turning Work Positioner (JR-B4LP)

  • Allows working off a lathe
  • Securely holds work and allows rotation
  • Work holder and carving post combo works without removing from chuck
  • Available: 1″x8″, 1.25″ x 8″, and 1.5″ x 8″ TPI Carving Post or M33-3.5 Metric threads
Carving Arms
The carving arm is a handy addition to the woodcarver’s shop. It can be used in a vise or clamped to a workbench or fits the “Jerry-Rig” with the optional mounting kit. The carving arm is made from hardwood and used with a carving screw.  Work can be accomplished in a variety of positions when the screw is held in the slot in the moveable arm.

Single Knuckle Carving Arm (JR-DH1)
Comes with locking index positioner (7 positions) 19” long, as shown with optional Fancort tapered carving screws.

Double Knuckle Carving Arm (JR-DH2)
The carving arm can be held within your bench vise, C-clamped to your bench top or bottom, or fit the Jerry-Rig with an optional mounting kit. Constructed of 3/4 inch laminated birchwood, steel locking pin, bolt, and handle are included when you order a Jerry-Rig Carving Arm.

Carving Arm Mounting Kit.
Mounts “Jerry-Rig” to a carving arm.

Large Carving Screw (JR-PW)
Large carving screw 6 X 5/8 diameter for large caricatures such as Indian bust and horse heads. Fits “Jerry-Rig” positioner plate.