Jerry-Rig designs and builds the finest work holders and work positioners ever made. We also design and build custom tools for industry, government and medical applications. We have built work holders for the US government, NASA, major US corporations, and international customers.  Our work holders have optional vices and positioning plates to lock and hold their work and allow the user to work hands free.

Custom Tool Design and Development
“If our standard tools do not meet your needs, we will design, develop and manufacture custom tools to get the job done… hands free and secure. We enable the user to “Get a great grip, with Jerry-Rig.”


JR-100 Universal Work Positioner (JR-100 & JR100LC)
Super Strong and Heavy Duty!

Product info:

  • This product is the core of our holding devices and permits movement and rotation of your work
  • 12 notch positioning for forward and backward movement, plus sideway 360 degree rotation
  • You don’t have to be a contortionist to work on hard to reach areas
  • Quick locking and unlocking with large, comfortable handle
  • Holds a variety of fixtures and vises that slide in and out of the base
  • Fits all Pana-Vise™ and custom Jerry-Rig USA holding fixtures
  • Secured with carriage bolts (provided) to a workbench (JR-100)
  • Optional steel table clamp for workbench (JR-100LC) to provide portability

PCB Holder Spring Loaded – Freestanding with Universal Work Positioner (JR-UV1)
Versitile and Flexible – Move you work, not your back!

Product info:

  • Can be used for board assembly as well as mechanical assemblies and other difficult holding applications
  • 12 notch positions for forward and backward movement
  • Work rotation possible sideways through a full 360 degree
  • With Table legs (UV1) or with optional steel table clamp (UV1C) for securing to a workbench
  • Large quick locking handle to set comfortable work position
  • Width: 5”, Depth: 4”, Height: 12”, Depth Range: 12”, Height Range: 12” to 17”
  • Weight 3 pounds (7 pounds with optional table clamp)

Peg Vise & Two Jar Vise with Universal Work Positioner (JR-UV3C)
There are a variety of holding devices that fit into our work holders. These holding devices (Large Peg Vise and 2 Jaw Vise) are designed to hold odd shaped objects like the wooden spoon or egg shape in the illustrations.

Peg Vise
This vise fits into the work positioner, which can be rotated 360º horizontally or vertically with a large quick disconnect locking lever. The work positioner is fastened to the work bench or optional clamp, which can be mounted, on a table for horizontal or vertical use. The plates can also be removed and the vise can be used as a two jaw vise as illustrated.

Two Jaw Vise
This vise can be ordered separately, or if you order the Peg Vise, you receive the two jaws with reversible neoprene pads. This gives you two different types of holders for holding a variety of shapes. Additional holders can be purchased for a large variety of projects.


Product info:

  • Perfect for unusual shape holding applications
  • Ergonomic design enables 360 degree rotation in all directions
  • Large quick locking handle to set comfortable work position
  • Two Jaw Vise has 9” opening
  • Peg Vise opens to 8” with pegs that screw into plate with holes on a 30” grid
  • Large Peg Vise and 2 Jaw Vise (JR-UV3) are both included in purchase
  • Secures to work bench with provided carriage bolts (JR-UV3)
  • Can be purchased with optional steel table clamp (JR-UV3C) for portability

Custom Ball Vises
Heavy-duty, ergonomic work positioner for round objects and relief carvings up to 21” with a single lever lock to easily tile, turn, and rotate your work to the most comfortable position.


  • Two sliding, adjustable lever lock clamps hold the work, and grip odd shapes without damaging the work
  • 3-1/8” diameter steel ball with locking handle; other parts are steel and plated
  • Mounts to bench with carriage bolt and handle (not shown.) Two allen wrenches included
  • Large knurled vise pads to secure work
  • B-8 for round or heavy objects opens to 8” with 8” wide vise plate; B-21 opens to 21”
  • Model B-8 can be converted to B-21 with two interchangeable rails (B-21R)
  • Vise can be removed to add other accessories

Part Numbers & Accessories:

  • B-8 Ball Vise with mounting hardware
  • B-21 Ball Vise with mounting hardware
  • B-21R Interchangeable Rails